Fucked Up Girl. (sweet_as_poison) wrote in johnnyobsession,
Fucked Up Girl.


Hey, I haven't posted here yet, but I thought I'd share something.
This morning I was flipping through one of my mom's celebrity magazines and I caught a glimpse of Knoxville.
I don't remember the magazine, I think it was US Weekly, but I could be wrong.

Anyways there was a picture of him from that event with Alyssa Milano last week and it said:

"Just days after seperating from his wife of 11yrs, Knoxville, 35, was seen talking to Alyssa Milano, 34 at the Playboy Party.  'He looked like a kid in a candy store,' says an onlooker on Knoxville at the party."

That was about it.  & I thought it was kinda funny, so I wanted to share. :]

& here's one of my pictures <3:

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